More on Lille.

Because I am a shocking blogger, I like to split my blogs up into a million little pieces, mainly because I like to include absolutely everything.

Remember that terrace slash old train station I tried (and failed) to find?

Well… the heart wants what the heart wants… and on Sunday I dragged my new friends Louise and Lucia with me in a search for this relic. But first, we must go check out some markets (an essential aspect of travelling is visiting the city markets… Why? I don’t know).

Marche de Wazemmes:

Busy, crowded, and absolutely massive. I guess Wazemmes is a suburb and every Sunday it is overrun by stalls of every variety. Food, clothes, produce, toys you name it, Wazemmes has it. The market stretches out around a permanent market venue spilling out onto the streets and it appears that half of Lille has turned out for the affair.

If you happen to be in Lille on a Sunday I am going to say that this is a must.


After bumbling our way through the purchase of 500 grams of cherries, we set off in search of this god-forsaken train station.

Gare Saint Sauveur:

At last! We found it. But what is it? You walk through the gates and it looks literally like an abandoned train station (which I guess is what it is). But with the addition of a creepy cartoon statue and a merry-go-round, this area hints at having more to offer.

We wandered into the restaurant which looked awesome but us broke chicks bailed quickly, as we left, we approached the actual station house and spoke (bad French) to the lady at the door. Turns out, the dilapidated train station is an exhibition hall and we had stumbled upon an awesome set of exhibitions.

The first one Foote Foraine- Dedicated to football (soccer, boring) so we opted out of that one.

The second one Home Cinema – Well this one was mind blowing. I sat for ten minutes listening to a musician compose music in a virtual reality exhibit. We experienced a real time presentation of images that changed and responded to your heart rate, we were filmed and relayed onto a big cinema screen driving in a car. We played around on all of these awesome interactive exhibits for ages… I had to drag myself out of the place in the end otherwise I would have been stuck there all night.

Abandoned. Gare Saint Sauveur and the creepy merry-go-round
Home Cinema Exhibit inside the train station.

So what did we learn that day about Lille?

The arts scene is quite contemporary and well cultivated and 500 grams of cherries is definitely too many.

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