Things we didn’t do in Paris… that we should have.

It’s no surprise that Abbie and I had the absolute best time in Paris, the city has so much to offer and with good company, there is no going wrong.

However, there are a few things that we didn’t do in Paris that I really wish we did… And therefore are going on my Paris 2.0 bucket list.

1. Go up the Eiffel Tower… Cliche but definitely should have done it. Like I have already said, book your tickets way before you go and lock it in.

2. Bike ride along the Seine (with a baguette in the bike basket)…. We had this on our bucket list but didn’t get time for it. Just be cautioned with the bicycles as a 100 euro deposit is taken off your credit card.

3. Walk around the city more…. Because of our glorious metro cards we tended to take the metro everywhere, this is great for getting around but there is a lot to see above ground and asking or biking around should have occurred more. It’s also much better for a hangover to be above ground (something I learnt the hard way).

4. Watch the Bastille day fireworks with the crowds… We did research the best places to watch the Bastille day fireworks and a few blogs said to go to Montparnasse. We had an awesome view but we’re lacking in atmosphere, we definitely should have braved the crowds and headed to Champs de Mars to watch them… Oh well next year.

On a side note… here are some photos of Bastille day from Montparnasse.

5. Catatoumbs… We walked around them but the line was so long we lost the plot with it. Next time I will make sure I go early, avoid the crowds and actually see the huge sub-terrain grave site.

6. Moulin Rouge… We almost made it here, we walked through the red light district about a street away from the cabaret house, but didn’t quite make it.

7. Actually enter the Louvre…

It really was just time that let us down, three days is certainly not enough, that being said, you could spend three weeks in the city and still feel unsatisfied.

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