Enter Bree Hadwen, 42 years of age and my travelling companion for Amsterdam. I have decided to let her tell the tale of Amsterdam in detail, so I will instead give you a brief (likely not to be so brief) overview of our Amsterdam trip.


Originally meant to be a five venture, an unforeseen change of Bree’s travel plans meant we bailed two days early to go to Hamburg ( a story for another post). So three nights in Amsterdam… What did we do.

What didn’t we do, that is probably a more appropriate question. The night we arrived we giggled our way into The Hilton laughing at what an outrageous site we made. Two Aussie bogans, one just off an 8 hour flight from Dubai… The other smelling like a homeless person and dragging her decidedly oversized backpack into the chic interior of the hotel lobby.

Oh… Bree is a flight hostess for Emirates. I probably should have mentioned that, and because of the ridiculous price of accommodation in Amsterdam it was better to share a room in the Hilton (with crew discount, thanks Emirates).

On our first full day, we came up with the genius idea to save money and walk to Zandvoort, the beach town outside of Amsterdam famous for its beach bars and party scene…. 25kms later and we walked into what appeared to be a ghost town. I guess normal people don’t go to beach bars when it is pouring with rain. Never the less, we had a lot of fun.

On our second full day, missing breakfast again we obligingly went to the red light district, walked past coffee shops that definitely don’t sell coffee, but having no idea what to actually asked for, we may be the first people on earth to leave Amsterdam without smoking pot.

Amsterdam is great, there is a reason it is so famous. We were there on a pretty bleak day but right in the afternoon we managed to get some glorious summer sun, sitting out on a canal enjoying some drinks and nibbles… Note to self: don’t order nachos( I blame Bree for this) should have gone for the hot chips and mayo instead.

Two days, for us was enough to get a feel for the city but I can guarantee there was a tonne of stuff (typical tourist things) that we didn’t do. I will pop up a photo gallery in my next post… I think that will give you a good idea of our hilarious trip.



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