Week 6: Ingrid 2.0 and Hip Hop Jesus

The best way to describe this week is probably through the photos.

But this week we saw the emergence of a new force… we dubbed her Ingrid 2.0. This version of Ingrid was an alcoholic, confident, persistent, INSISTENT, instigator of all things fun and hilarious.

We watched helplessly on as Ingrid 2.0 forged ahead as the life of the party… in fact usually she was the one starting the party… and as an easily influenced drinker I was certainly swept along for the ride.

Along with Ingrid 2.0, another heavenly character appeared on the scene… Hip Hop Jesus… a name given to him for his angelic mannerisms and Adidas tracksuit. The man was a vision, every word gospel… whether he was telling you the story of his near drowning or asking for another beer… all of Amar quickly began to worship Hip Hop Jesus… he even became renowned around Ericeira.

I must also note my beautiful Israeli friend Dor. He came on his own and every single day would ask me. “Aus… you hungry?”.

Now, Jo raised me to be polite so the first time he asked I politely said that I was however I would cook my own food. He slowly set his salad bowl down and scolded me for not answering the question… Yes or No are you hungry?


Good… you are eating with me today Aus… I made Hummus. So it began, for two weeks Dor would cook me all kinds of delicious incredible Israeli salads and meals. The day he left, he gifted me a bottle of trihna (i don’t actually know how to spell it and couldn’t find it on google.)… aka tahini… with which you can make all kinds of deliciousness.

A solid bunch of our Israeli friends
Ingrid 2.0 bought a new board!
Sleeping partners
Ingrid planning our evening.
A gift from some lovely German girls
“Good Kaitlyn… drink it all” – Ingrid 2.0
Windy days.
A full quiver… we went for a bit of an Amar staff paddle
Some guests struck down by Wednesday night frivolities
Dor’s creations.
Surf school
Some more happy guests
More of the sleeping Israelis
Sunset crew
This is my favourite photo of all time… Ingrid 1.0 upon waking her, she transformed into Ingrid 2.0
Hip Hop Jesus… 5am… after a night out… photo captured seconds after he ran face first into the toilet door.
Shana’s disappointment in me is obvious by her body language… this night sparked a week long alcohol break.
Ingrid 2.0 and I mucking around


Sun sets on Week 6

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