Day 2: Time flies when you don’t have to work


I have found myself in the strangest of predicaments… I have absolutely nothing to do. With an entire day planned around my internship, I thought I had it sorted… apparently not.

My mentor gave me the day off… who knows why… so, I have been left with an entire day without having anything planned and it is confusing me.

So… let me tell you a little bit about my accommodation… I am staying one street back from Rainbow Bay in an Air BnB with my host Nathan. A chilled out surf shagger with a million boards and the coolest little beach shack, I am in my element.


Now, upon booking the Air BnB, Nath sent me an email warning me that the place is very old and not to expect too much… I was shocked because when I got there, it was everything a person could need, so I quizzed him.

Me: “Dude, I love your place.”

Nath: “Yeah, I was so relieved when you said that, I have had a few people come through and were really disappointed with the state of the place.”

To be honest, for $50 a night, an epic location and pretty much the place to yourself, I am certainly not complaining. But that definitely is something you should look out for when booking Air BnB…. As with everything you get what you pay for so you should always look at photos and even message the host to get their vibe.

I went out for a sneaky surf this morning… one trick to surfing the gold coast is to stay off the points and hit the beach breaks… either side of high tide is optimum for any of the breaks along Currumbin and Tugun. Why? Well if you are like me and manage to get in literally everybody’s way… then its always best to avoid the crowds were possible.

After the surf had blown out a bit, all this alone time was making me very bored…. So I went off to go and explore some of the lesser-known charms of this beautiful area…. Springbrook National Park.

Springbrook is killer, it’s about 30km inland from the coast and is home to some beautiful bush walks and waterfalls. I only did a sneaky 4 km loop but I am itching to go for the full 17km one of these days.

To get to the walks that I did, you need to drive all the way to a road called EE-Jung and turn left onto that. This is where the trailheads are.

As always, I think the photos will do it more justice than my words so feast your eyes!

IMG_0028 IMG_0029 IMG_0033 IMG_0036 IMG_0037 IMG_0041 IMG_0046 IMG_0050 IMG_0056 IMG_0063 IMG_0064 IMG_0074 IMG_0080 IMG_0084

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