Australia’s Golden Coast

Today marks the beginning of two significant things. Firstly, the beginning of my internship (boring) and secondly, the beginning of a new flood of blog posts (woohoo).

I know what you are thinking… god she is terrible at keeping up with her blog posts. It’s true. I am. I literally break every single golden rule of being a successful blogger. I post sporadically, have no niche, go under ground for a while, and bore people in the details… I am pretty much an anti-blogger.

Anyway, enough about me.

Let’s talk the Gold Coast… now, I am not going to bore you with the details of Surfer’s Paradise, that’s not my vibe… Rather, you will enjoy a poor surf enthusiasts take on the Gold Coast (I say enthusiast because I don’t believe I am good enough to be classified as a surfer).

I will be taking you on a journey from Currumbin Alley to Duranbah. It will be fun… we will have fun.

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