Saturday sites of London

Saturday rolled around and this time I had two companions to join me in my site seeing.

Because I had already had an encounter with Buckingham Palace on my own (which might I remind you was amazing). We decided to go to Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral.

We also decided that riding bikes was the best option… Which might I add it definitely was… it is shocking how expensive transport around London is. My £25 (50AUD) Oyster card lasted about two days.

Our bikes provided by Santander Cycles cost us £2 for 24 hour hire and then every half hour after the first half hour is an extra £2 but if you make a few stops, dock your bikes and grab new ones you can avoid that extra £2. (I know that’s confusing) but all you need to understand is CHEAP.

We rode into Trafalgar Square, grabbed a coffee (something I decidedly cannot afford and have decided to give up which is sad) and wandered straight into the heart of a Brexit protest.

We joined the protest which swept us to Westminster and Big Ben. When I say site seeing… I mean it, we didn’t enter any of these places but I definitely will at some point, I am keen to go to Westminster and check it all out.

I think our experience here was unique because of the protests and the fact that it was a stunning sunny day. We popped into a packed-out pub and grabbed take away ciders and wandered around soaking up the atmosphere.

Next stop was St Paul’s Cathedral. We walked a fair way along the riverbank, then abandoned our feet in favour of our bargain bikes, which are stationed conveniently EVERYWHERE.

View across the Thames of County Hall and the Eye of London.

Again, too stingy to actually go in we just circumnavigated it. This is a seriously impressive building, designed in 1673 by Sir Christopher Wren it sits atop Ludgate Hill at the highest point of the city of London.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After what was a huge day we rode home to make margaritas and fajitas for a new tradition of Mexican Saturday feasts.

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