Sunday vibes in Hampstead Heath

Sunday morning… after what was definitely too many margaritas last night, Keates decided a nice walk in the park would do us the world of good. So a breakfast was had, of croissant and coffee, from Food Lab, which is a chic restaurant slash cafe just down the road from us. They make a mean looking  “Full English Breakfast” which I am keen to try when I’m earning some money again.


We jumped on the London overground out to Hampstead Heath. Keates was right, this was a hangover cure for sure, we wandered around this massive park getting slightly lost, which is not unusual for me. Again we were blessed with another amazing day.

Sneaky fruit store outside the overground.
Wide open spaces and (some) blue sky characterised our visit to the Park.

Of course all this walking worked up an appetite, it also didn’t help that Keates had briefly mentioned delicious toasted cheese sandwiches at a shop in the village so I had my heart set on gooey toasted cheese sandwich.

Karma Bread Bakehouse: I’m definitely recommending this bakery as a go to if you are heading to Hampstead Heath, I don’t know whether it was the hangover talking but it was a delicious sandwich.

Another cool idea, which I’m going to do next time I go is to take a picnic and some beers into the park on a nice sunny day… Apparently that’s a very London thing to do.

We then decided we wanted to check out the Old Spitalfields Markets in Shoreditch, which again, I loved. They were hosting a gelato showcase where you went around and tasted 10 different gelato flavours and voted for your favourite.

I’m thinking of living in Shoreditch when I settle here, so of course this was a great opportunity to go and scope out the vibe of the local pub. Commercial Tavern, is where we ended up. It is a great open roomy pub full of light and great drinks selection. AND you sit outside on park benches, not to mention the nibble food is on point.


This of then turned into a lovely afternoon of countless beers followed by fish and chips at allegedly the best place in town (Poppie’s Fish and Chips) which, having enjoyed a few beverages, I am not sure if I am qualified to give an accurate review on…. I did enjoy it though….and then more beers.

This is what I am loving most about London summer, the days don’t end at 7pm like in Australia, they stretch out until about 10pm and it feels like so much happens in those long daylight hours.

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