I’m am on a bus, dripping with sweat. Feeling decidedly disgusting… I’m mid-dway through my Montpellier to Toulouse leg of my ridiculous Germany to Ericiera-five-day-epic.

Why am I sweaty? I knew the south of France is hot, but I didn’t realise it was this hot… Or muggy for that matter, so the decision to walk the 4.5kms to my bus was (in hindsight) a poor one.

Montpellier, by all accounts, is amazing but I think I missed a few of the best things. Apparently the beach is good but yesterday when I set off in search of “la plage”, it decided to hail… What? Hail?… YES it was a brilliant sunny day then as I stepped outside hail started bucketing down.

My couch surf host, Hoover, said he had never seen anything like it. So I ended up spending the whole day inside mooching around and sorting out how exactly I am getting to Ericiera.

Boring I know, but let us not forget that I had gotten off a night bus at 4.30 in Lyon that morning, jumped in a carshare for four hours then walked around Montpellier with my pack for another four hours.

Montpellier is cool, heaps of old architecture, it’s has quite a Latin influence which makes it different to everywhere else I’ve been in France. But! Be warned, there are tonnes of cafes but none with wifi, which is annoying when you just finished your book and all you want to do is dump your pack, sit in a cafe and drink a coffee. Hoover said McDonalds is the place to go.

My depressing yet delicious dinner in Strasbourg
Strasbourg at sundown… I loved it here
Confused wanderings in Montpellier
Some Montpellier sights


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