First night bus

Oh lord. That was somewhat difficult. So it continues my epic and rushed traverse from Germany to Ericiera.

But fun, well, an experience at the very least. My bus from Zurich to Strasbourg was painless it was about three hours and I had two seats to myself so I was chilling. I had two hours in this city before my bus to Lyon. Which originally I was not keen for but Strasbourg is awesome!

I went to a supermarket and picked up some noms (always important) and hung out in a little park and soaked up the setting sun and the atmosphere of the surrounding bars and cafes. I have tagged this as a “must return to”.

At 9pm I boarded my night bus. 7.5 hours on this bad boy… And somehow I managed to sit myself behind a baby with the seat reclined as far back as it would go and in front of a woman who had taken two seats and wouldn’t let me recline my seat onto her spare seat… Rude.

The guy who sat next to me was keen to chat, which normally I love but he has cigarette breath so, conversation is a little stiffing.

This bus also seemed to have way less space than any of the others. Or maybe it was a combination of cigarette breath, reclined crying baby and rude lady.

I have never been so happy to get off a vehicle in my life, although it certainly did its job, I saved on a nights accommodation so that’s a bonus. Once the reclining crying baby got off and I had sneakily inched my seat back, I think I even managed an hour or so of sleep.

When I got off at 4.30am, I had a tense hour and a half, waiting for my car share. I had no way of contacting her and when she hadn’t turned up on time I started to look at other options to get to Montpellier.

But, low and behold she showed up and we had an enjoyable trip where I had no idea what anyone was saying. I was dropped off at about 9.30am and proceeded to amuse myself until 1pm when my couch surf would be ready.

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