Hello Toulouse… jumped off my bus and headed into the train station to find a map to get to my hostel Friendly Auberge… oh? what is that? it is 10kms out of the city in a different town called Colomiers.

KAITLYN! How the hell have I been travelling for 3 months and still not learnt to LOOK AT THE LOCATION of these filthy cheap hostels I insist on staying at!

So after eventually navigating through the train station I discover that it is a 9 euro, 20 minute train ride out to my hostel… cool.

While I am sitting and waiting for my train I meet a homeless Congolese man who saved me from a homeless woman trying to hustle my phone. We got chatting and he told me how he was quite happy being homeless because there is a lot of support for him from back home and that he was applying for jobs around the place. I offered him some lentils and he laughed and refused…. I think he may have thought I was in equally dire circumstances… sitting on the floor in a train station eating lentils from a tin.

So I get to the Friendly Auberge… a 2km, very confusing walk from the train station and head to check in… it all seems quite chilled and the staff were really cool. My night bus is set to leave the following night at midnight so I get up the following day, take breakfast, chill for a bit and then head into Toulouse, storing my pack in the train station because the hostel is so bloody far away.

Toulouse was strange, I basically just chilled in the sun on this artificial beach thing next to the river, there is some great architecture around and really cool bars, but I think being dirt poor and very tired from travelling so much I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have…

I hung around until about 8pm, got bored and decided to head back to the hostel to hang out for a bit before leaving. My night bus would take me to Madrid, where I had a hostel booked and then a bus from Madrid to Lisbon… and this is where it all goes downhill… before I explain that though, I will leave you with some lovely photos of Toulouse.


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