Don’t worry Mum, I am still alive.

Hello. Yes… I know, and I am sorry. I have been living a Portuguese surfing life for the last two months and have completely ignored the fact that I was meant to be travel blogging.

But let’s be honest… it is only my mum reading this so I can be excused. BUT! It is time to move on… the season is over, I think I have drunk this town out of house and home and it is high time I get back on the road and explore some more places.

Before I begin the next stage of my journey… which we have decided to label the Bromance Road Trip of Death (the ‘WE’ is made up of myself and my new Swedish friend Elin who I will introduce formally in a later post), I will first endeavour to catch you glorious readers up on the past two months.

So the last you heard from me was during my Frankfurt to Ericeira cross continental bus journey which was a complete and utter disaster (largely due to my own stupidity). I have landed in Montpellier and had a lovely evening alone… we will pick up on my Montpellier to Toulouse journey in my next post!

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