The journey continues: Madrid to Lisbon

My evening was as uneventful as an evening could possibly get. I got up about two hours earlier than necessary… determined not to mess up the next stage of my journey.

Took the metro to the bus station and jumped on the second last bus of my journey, making friends with two American guys on the bus we headed to Lisbon, getting there in the afternoon and checking into my hostel.

The fellas tried to stay at the same hostel as me but couldn’t manage to get a room… I, once again was super boring, grabbed a book from the book exchange and crept into my bed.

I met an Italian guy who had been walking down the coast of Portugal from Spain, which sounded amazing! Something I would definitely like to do in my life time. Got up the next day, packed my things and took the train to the bus station.. Campos Grande.

Now this is where things got confusing… it is very hard to know which bus to take, what time to take it and where to go to catch it. I eventually worked it out (thank you google and some extreme loitering skills).

So for those of you wanting to get to Ericeira (which I would highly recommend doing) basically what you need to do is head to Campos Grande, walk into the middle of the bus terminal and you will see signs for Mafrense buses. This is the bus company that takes you to Ericeira. Buses go about every hour and you pay the 7 euros to the driver as you board the bus.

An hour and a half later and I have made it to my new home…. after butchering the pronunciation of the town, the bus stopped straight outside Amar Hostel (where I would be working).



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