Work away 3.0: Ericeira

Week one: Spaniards, Germans, Israelis and a White Party.

The best way to catch you up on the past two and a half months in Portugal is to give you a week by week overview.

Week one was characterised by Victor and Vanessa, the two other work-awayers at Amar. We all lived in the same little room together and my god did we have fun.

I quickly got familiar with my tasks which were very simple. Breakfast in the morning and bar at night… tonnes of time off and plenty of surfing to be done.

After a couple of sessions on a foam board, Vanessa lent me her surfboard. We quickly became a little surf crew, Vanessa, her boyfriend Christopher and her friend Marissa and Marissa’s dog Maui.

The best part of the job was that we pretty much just socialised with the guests. We had a great group of Germans doing the surf camp. They stay for a week with surf lessons included. Wednesdays we would have a giant Portuguese barbecue cooked by one of the house keeping ladies who only spoke Portuguese…. ok that is enough with the words… let’s look at some photos.

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