Week 4: Goodbye gang

The week of multiple goodbyes and even more hellos.

Adios to Ace, Meret, Max and Ewout (aka Anders because no one could pronounce his name). This was the point we certainly lost a few good gang members but to help us get over this grievance, enter four of the most ridiculous English boys I think I have ever met.

For two days this bunch absolutely terrorised our nightlife leaving us all with too much of a headache and a lot of laughs.

With plenty of surfing happening and far too much drinking we also saw the appearance of Shana… half-portuguese, half-aussie she became our surrogate guest, almost every night hereafter was characterised by me making everyone gin and tonics at the Amar bar… oh yes… i forgot to mention… this is where I decided to fully take over the bar… and then heading out on the town. Finishing up making toasted sandwiches at 5am and calling Shana a taxi home.

After smashing the coffee pot one morning, four days before my impending departure, I sidled up to Bruno our lovely boss and boldly asked if there was some way in which I could stay working at Amar.

He was more than happy to accommodate and this is where my duties shifted to full time bar staff and part time surf instructor…. but more on that next week.

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