Week 8: Red wine and wind down

By this stage, things were starting to wind down at Amar. The bar was closed and breakfasts had stopped being served so our fridge was looking rather depressing. It was the beginning of the goodbye fiestas (which always involved food).

With all this winding down… I decided that I was sick of gin and tonics and instead turned to red wine… when people would text me and ask what I was doing for the evening… the following photos are what I would send…

As with every week we had some classic Ingrid moments… This was the week she left and as cold and stone hearted as I am, this was really depressing. Out of all the volunteer staff, Ingrid and I had spent the most time together, for six weeks I had gotten used to having her around and I was quite sad when the time came to say goodbye.

I cannot put all her classic one liners or her mannerisms into writing… but those people who know her would understand why she left a giant hole in the Amar crew that was impossible to fill.

We also took a cheeky (and disastrous) trip to Lisbon… in which nothing was achieved except for a lot of driving around in the really scummy areas… and beer…so don’t expect any particularly good or interesting stories to come out of this adventure. Oh wait…. that is such a lie, we bought hair dye for Elin.. the result… you will have to wait until next week!

I will leave you with some more epic photos of this town which I now… without a doubt… LOVE

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