Bordeaux pt. 2

A daring escape from a creepy Couchsurf

Ok… so… in the past I have certainly sung the praises of Couchsurfing and I guess it was high time I had a bad experience…

I won’t name him… we shall just call him The Creeper. Let us pray he doesn’t follow my world renowned blog.

Night One: The Creeper appears normal, nice, super into climbing mountains and drinking. He is a medical student and takes me to a screening of a documentary about access to medicines which was actually very interesting (luckily it was in English). Afterwards we went to one of his friend’s houses just to hang out, which was also chilled but, as with anything, all I wanted to do was lie in bed and sleep (when the clock struck 2am) however I didn’t have much choice in the situation… what he says goes and I learnt that pretty quickly.

Night Two: The Creeper tells me we are attending a party… good… I like parties… The Creeper proceeds to feed me shots of god knows what alcohol, no was not taken for an answer. After this we headed to one of his medical friends houses where I guess we were pre-drinking.

He promptly abandons me leaving me in a room full of people apparently reluctant to speak English. So I make do, finally finding someone who was excited about speaking English and I hung out with them until we all headed off to this random party.

Now, the party was fantastic. It was a huge concert at one of the Universities. Blah Blah Blah no one cares… to cut a long story short… The Creeper threatened to kick me out if I didn’t drink when he told me to.

He tried to make us go to a club and I flatly refused knowing I was in absolutely no state to be heading to a club with a bunch of people I didn’t know (go drunk Kaitlyn). So instead we went to a different friends house…. Thomas… Thomas was kind enough to let me sleep in his room while the boys played Fifa or something… as we were leaving I realised I no longer had my wallet on me… which was an issue seeing as it had my residency card on it, which is how I get back into the UK… crap.

I was sure I had it all night. Upon waking up in the morning, I jumped into action… mainly because The Creeper tried to make a move on me by “comforting” me about my wallet, use your imagination for what he tried next…. smooth move creeper…. I bailed pretty quickly… walking the 4kms back to the venue of the party to see if I could find it.

Just as I got there… old mate Creeper messages me… “Come back, you will love me forever”… great. Immediately (and probably a little unfairly), I jumped to the conclusion that he had it the whole time and he was going to use it as leverage… obviously people don’t actually think that way and simply Thomas had messaged him telling him he found the wallet at his place and all was good.

That evening he had plans with his friends that he had insisted I come to… meanwhile I was silently cooking up escape plans. The party turned out to actually be really fun and his friends were hilarious, but I was certainly lucky that one of the friends was driving and dropped us home, he came in and I was so grateful because the creeper started firing up about doing mushrooms and being weird… SO

The next day, I packed my stuff and literally did a runner. It seems rude but the creeper was so manipulative I wouldn’t have put it past him to thwart my escape.

I guess it was time I learnt that not all people on Couchsurfing do it out of the goodness of their hearts, some certainly have other things on their minds.

Part 3 is a little more positive!

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