Bordeaux pt. 1

I knew I wanted to go to Bordeaux but I cannot really explain why… maybe someone mentioned it to me somewhere along the line and I got my heart set on it… which is something I would have done.

So, after my climbing adventures in Spain and Tarbes, I realised both Bordeaux and Nantes were on my way to Nick and Laurie’s.

I think my week in Bordeaux deserves to be told in three parts… why? because I need to generate more blog posts of course! No, that was a joke… it is because I feel like this part of my adventure can be divided into three distinct parts each deserving of their own post.

So I will just say it straight up… I loved Bordeaux… this city is AWESOME. I had a few issues with accommodation because I really could not find any hostels and all the Airbnb and hotels were a little on the pricey side… considering my newfound destitution.

I had booked 7 nights at a super cheap Airbnb but they never confirmed and I (stupidly) didn’t even realise until I was halfway to Bordeaux in the BlaBlaCar.

So I managed last minute to stay two nights with a lovely lady called Isabelle in her Airbnb on the outskirts of the city. My first two days were very quiet, I ran along the river and explored the waterfront, wandered around the city for a bit, just getting a sense for it all, not really having much of a plan.

I discovered Rue St. Catherine… the worlds longest street, stretching 3kms lined with shops… I also found the City du Vin… a shoe shaped building dedicated to wine… YES Bordeaux is famous for its wine and I got to sample some deliciousness!

The following day was my birthday which I spent locked in my room chatting to my friends back home… Isabelle must have thought I was a massive weirdo.

She was awesome, kept buying me delicious pastries from the local boulangerie and feeding me home made yoghurt.

I reluctantly had to leave Isabelle due to my financial situation to go to a couch surf I had organised. The guy seemed pretty chilled (seemed being the operative word… set the scene for Bordeaux pt. 2).

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