So Louise and I set off on our first adventure together and I can soundly say, without a doubt, that I ate my way around the city.

To Brussels! Capital of Belgium, they speak French, which is utterly confusing. It is also the birthplace of Audrey Hepburn (I googled that).

We headed off quite early on the train after revisiting Maison Tartine for some deliciousness. It was pouring rain when we arrived and in keeping to my usual form, I had no coat, hat or umbrella.

First stop? Food (again). Louise desperately wanted me to try Belgium fries so we walked aimlessly uphill for about 3kms before settling on a cool looking brasserie called Stam in the Congalese district Matonge.

Success, I officially had my first croque-monsieur, I have heard of these but didn’t realise they are the delicious equivalent to a toasted sandwich. Also in the theme of firsts, I had Belgium fries… hot chips and mayo.

Next stop was the Royal Palace of Brussels. Not sure if we were the most respectful visitors but apparently the palace does not open its doors to the public all the time so we were very excited to cruise around and take selfies with the palatial interior.

After this, hungry again, we set about in search of a waffle and on the way stumbled upon a cool gallery. The gallery mixed chocolate, coffee shops and art exhibitions. Galeries Royales St Hubert it was called, which i didn’t know until I looked at these photos….

After this it was a simple matter of trying to navigate our way back to the train station and home to Antwerp.

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