Week 9: Part two.

That is saying something isn’t it… when you get bored of your own writing… that is probably a sign I should give up the blogging game. Oh well.

Upon (eventually) arriving back in Ericeira, our departure date was coming up quickly so it was many days of celebrations ahead. The plan was for me and Elin (henceforth to be known as Bromie..) to drive from Ericeira to Biarritz, surfing our way up the coast.

We would stop in to see Victor in Galicia, return my board, reclaim 70 euros surf in Salinas ect… but more on that later… for now let us laugh at our Amar staff night out which involved me being surrounded by Portuguese and having no clue what was happening.

There was a lot of surfing and shenanigans, involving Bromie and I sporting matching beanies breaking into a pink pool to photograph her custom made surfboard.


It also involved one of the funniest nights out that we had, a goodbye to Shana and far too much alcohol.

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