A visit from the surrogates.

We are now the at the weekend… and in amongst all the ridiculous goings on of this week, what with the interview and the saying goodbye and the surfing of ridiculous death waves. I had organised to meet up with my incredible surrogate parents Peta and Phil.

Originally I had offered to come and meet them in Lisbon however they were keen to see Ericeira. I must admit I was a little bit nervous to see how they found it… I mean obviously I loved it, but it was one of those situations where I questioned whether or not anyone else would love it in the same way.

They were set to arrive at 1pm to take me to lunch… here I guess it would be prudent to mention the outcome of the interview. Having been conducted on Wednesday just passed, we were told we would find out early the following week. So I tried as hard as I could to put it out of my mind knowing I had almost an entire week to wait to here the news.

Whilst waiting for my surrogates, idly checking my emails, I stumbled across my acceptance from TopDeck.

I cannot describe to you how I felt at that moment… instead I will describe my reaction… first I screamed. Then I jumped up and ran around the hostel… hugging every person I came across. With a little bit more screaming involved, some jumping and more hugging, all things I really do not do…ever.

It is safe to say I was happy, and besides my own parents, I couldn’t think of better people to meet up with straight after this good news. Peta and Phil in their incredible generous manner took me out to lunch at a stunning restaurant down on the ocean where we had incredible views… and awesome food.

It is always a laugh catching up with them to reminisce, gossip, and eat, soaking up a little slice of home and hearing their own travel stories. I then took them all over the town.

It is safe to say they saw Ericeira in all its charm (the sun just happened to show its face) and it was so much fun taking them around, showing them all the things I loved about this little town… it was a very fitting way to round off my two and a half months here… my Portuguese home.

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